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Giving, Sending and Taking The Revelation of Jesus Christ

This page is simply  to show what God can do in a redeemed person’s life. This is my Testimony to the Grace, Patience and Power of God in Jesus Christ. I give HIM all the Glory... For over 30 years these glorious opportunities for spreading the Word of Truth - The Revelation of Jesus Christ - by both the printed page and the spoken Word have come about through God’s leading alone. Despite former years of struggle and trauma, this soul-cleansing, powerful Message of overcoming Satan by the Blood of The Lamb and by the Word of testimony has now worked an amazingly positive experience in many lives!! This page serves only to testify to the possibility  of living out the Evidence of the Risen Crucified Christ ... My boast is in my Lord Jesus Christ alone, who has saved me!


1970s. Opportunities arose to speak in my local church, especially during a week of nightly Outreach meetings. During this time, I was granted a room in my workplace to hold lunchtime meetings. Music was provided by a friend from church. Later, a group of Hindu women came for teaching on the book of Revelation. Here also, I prayed for an employee, for her painful back. Receiving healing, she invited me to speak at her assembly in Harlesden. I spoke on The Lamb.


1972. A Spanish friend lent me her apartment in the centre of Madrid.  I attended an Assemblies of God one Sunday morning, where the Pastor invited me to speak at the morning and afternoon services. I spoke on The Lamb.


1993. On a visit to New Zealand I met and prayed with two young women who responded strongly to the Message of the Blood of the Lamb.


1998 - 2000. At the suggestion from friends, giving out Bible Studies, I prepared and produced ‘The Gold Book’ - “Introducing The Book of Revelation”. 5 copies were sold at the 2000 Acton church Reunion!


2000 - 2004. A local Bournemouth church minister gladly received regular one hour studies on the Book of Revelation. These studies developed into the three A5 Volumes 1, 2 and 3, “Introducing The Book of Revelation”.


2005 - 2006. I was given opportunity to share my understanding of Revelation with a small local fellowship, where I was appointed a deacon.


KERALA. First visit over December and New Year 2006/7 as part of a group of four, ministering to churches under the oversight of Pastor John John. My mandate: to speak on ‘the Lamb’ at two Seminars in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) and Punalur.

21st November - 9th December 2007. I returned alone to teach on a Series called “The Lamb And...”. Church meetings were arranged in Trivandrum and Punalur, where also a 2-day seminar brought in Pentecostal and Baptist pastors. A copy of the ‘Gold Book’ was taken for translating into Malayalam. On my return, Pastor John John organised seminars to invite all the Pastors not able to attend the Punalur seminar. Over several weeks he was able to share the notes I left with him with many more Pentecostal and Baptist Pastors.

24th September - 4th October, 2008. Return to Kerala under the direction of Pastor John John, to 3 separate church locations, Trivandrum, Kollam and Punalur, and the WOM Bible College to give the Series on “The Lamb And...”.

15th – 21st November, 2010. I was taken to Adoor, where the Bâsar Blessings Bible School was to be founded. Six evening meetings on “The Foundation of the Church of God - Christ Crucified” launched the School. 10-year olds took notes and references. The interpreter, so moved during one session, took more time to encourage the people himself! He also requested a copy of these notes for his class of young Sikh men in Delhi.

22nd – 29th November. It was arranged for me to give the Series “The Lamb And...” at the Bethel Bible College in Punalur. I was granted nearly 15 hours teaching time to the mature students. The exuberance and interest expressed by these men as they received the revelations was rewarding and confirming. The Principal and his wife invited me to lunch, giving me an open invitation to return to their hospitality and teach again at the College.


KARNATAKA. 11th-18th September 2009. Meeting Pastor John John and Susy his wife in Bangalore, I was introduced to Pastor Prasad George and his wife Daisy. Their Assemblies of God church conducts three separate Sunday services for the Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu speaking members. The Series on “The Lamb And...” was given to a church Seminar and to 150 students at the New Life Bible College.


ANDHRA PRADESH. 2005. Correspondence begun with a ‘Bible woman’ and her family continues to the present time. Sister Lakshmi and her Pastor husband T. S. Rao serve the Lord in and around Rajahmundry.. Their two eldest sons are now pastors; their daughter-in-law, daughter and son-in-law all serve together in the church.

16th-23rd September 2008. I went to meet them for the first time. They arranged a 3-day Seminar, for the Series “The Lamb And…”, extensively publishing and inviting pastors and lady evangelists in and around Rajahmundry. Night meetings, including a 3-night tent meeting, were also arranged in rural Hindu villages for me to share the Revelation of Jesus Christ from the Scriptures.

19th September - 5th October, 2009. I returned for week of night meetings in rural villages around Rajahmundry, and the two 3-day/night seminars, teaching again as requested, “The Lamb And...” Rosy David, retired teacher from Tamil Nadu, determined to come again after hearing the Series in Bangalore, came, bringing two younger women with her.

1st -15th November, 2010 - my third visit. They wanted me to repeat the same Series on “The Lamb And...” at the APHB Colony church seminar. The Vision became brighter to many this time. During this visit, Bâsar Blessings Church was opened, establishing the faithful in this village fellowship in Divancheruvu, a 3-night Outreach in SR Palem was held, giving the vision of “The Lamb And...” in a more condensed form, and 4 night meetings in the rural villages received teaching on Calvary and The Lamb. There are now 19 Pastors calling themselves Associate Pastors of Bâsar Blessings.


ZAMBIA. 2005. Another correspondence was established with a condemned prisoner in a Maximum Security Prison in Zambia. Pio received Bible Studies on Revelation there. He was already born again and Baptised in the Holy Spirit. Through the prayer of faith he was released from his death sentence and transferred to another State Prison, where he established a Bible Fellowship of around 60 men. At his request, Bâsar Blessings Prisons Ministry was begun in 2009. Men from other Bible Groups joined them because of the teaching on The Revelation of Jesus Christ which they received.

9th-24th June, 2010. (My 50th Year in Christ Jesus) The National Chaplain of Prison Fellowship Zambia helped me obtain the necessary security pass to visit the prisoners. I was able to speak freely to them, including at the Prison baptismal tank where 17 of the group were immersed in water according to their faith in Christ.


24th June - 9th July 2018. Another opportunity arose to join the now legally established Bâsar Blessings Prisons Ministry with a visit to Kabwe. Pio and his brother, released several years prior, are both dedicated to serving the Lord faithfully in bringing the Hope of Christ to those in prison. With my renewed permit, I was able to accompany the growing number of supporters in ministering to inmates. The officer-in-charge requested prayer for the Christian chaplains and prison staff in their duties towards the inmates’ welfare and rehabilitation. A  National Day of Prayer for Prisoners was held during my visit, which I attended with the Kabwe Ministry supporters., one of which was healed by the Lord after prayer in her village.  


10th - 31st October 2020. (My 60th Year in Christ Jesus!) With world-wide oppression from World Government leaders, under a bogus health pretext, sadly even the warm climes of professed Christian Zambia was affected. Financially able to undertake another visit, but unable to visit the Prisons with the Ministry, my offer to bring a teaching series to the church members was accepted. A series on Revelation 19:7b “and His Wife Hath Made Herself Ready” was given at the premises of another church, with visits to our church building and field plot on my rest days, and to Ministry members for prayer nearly every day.


3rd October - 8th November 2021. (80th Birthday in Mufulira!). Unable to gain admission to visit the inmates for another year, but having our own church building in Chikwata, Kabwe, the congregation were blessed with the teaching series “The Lamb And ...”. At last a week’s visit to the other congregation under Bâsar Blessings Prisons Ministry in Mufulira was possible, where the sound doctrine of the Bâsar Blessings Bible School was received enthusiastically. Wonderful deliverances were experienced in both venues, to the Glory of God in Jesus Christ.


23rd September - 6th November 2022. My six weeks was divided equally this year between Mufulira and Chikwata. Through the kind guidance of a senior pastor in a well-established church, we have been able to set up properly recognised church structures for the first time! With our own Constitution, Basar Blessings Ministries can spread as far as the Lord leads. The Holy Spirit-inspired teaching on which I was grounded continues to be received with great joy and powerful results are manifested.   

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