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What is the Book of Revelation ? and what can it do for you ..?

The Book of Revelation, God’s Final Book, is often wrongly called ‘the book of revelations’. Other languages call it the ‘apocalypse’. But it is The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Its purpose is to tell without compromise the two choices of Eternal Destination for every soul - with Christ for all Eternity, or without Christ for all Eternity. It explains clearly God’s Program for the Future, beyond the Church Age and the Rapture. The Plagues, Punishments and Torments prophesied in the Old Testament for the end times are seen, the Second Coming of Christ to judge and reign over the earth, the end of the world, and at last, the perfect Eternity of God’s New Order.



bâsar - pronounced bahsar -is Hebrew for announcing with the full meaning of

in ‘a fresh, full, rosy and cheerful manner’... translated as “published” in Psalm 68 v11 -

“The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.”



Bâsar Blessings seeks to help every member of Christ’s Body benefit from this amazing Book of Warnings and Promises.

Bâsar Blessings mission and ministry is two-fold:

It publishes the fullness of The Revelation of Jesus Christ through its Books;

It expounds the Person of Jesus Christ as The Lamb by individual or a series of Talks.  


Bâsar Blessings was launched with the specific desire to promote The Book of Revelation.
The Final Message of God’s Word is widely neglected, and misunderstood, yet there is a clear Blessing for those who read it (aloud), those who hear it read, and those who also keep its sayings (Chapter 1 v3).
There is also a clear Command - “Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this Book” (Chapter 22 v10)  
So why are so many Christians ignorant of this very Special Book and its Message
for these last days?
Perhaps you have your own answer to these vital questions ...
If it is your sincere desire to follow the Lord Jesus Christ into His Eternity, and seek His Face with all your heart until He comes for His own, you will know that “the time is at hand” - to complete v10 of Chapter 22.  I hope you will benefit from taking a few minutes to explore this website, and take advantage of the options given on the following pages ...   
Bâsar Blessings exists to help you see the Plan of God revealed in His Word clearly!

THE LAMB As It Had Been Slain

THE LAMB AND The Revelation


THE LAMB AND The Lord God Almighty



THE LAMB AND That Great City

THE LAMB AND The Seven Angels of Judgment

THE LAMB AND The Remnant of Israel

THE LAMB AND The Old Testament Saints

THE LAMB AND The Two Witnesses


“The Lamb And . . .” is a Life-Changing, All-Absorbing Revelation of Jesus Christ told in a Holy Spirit-inspired Series of Twelve Studies.

Its purpose is to direct hearts to understand that the Lord Jesus Christ is personally involved with every living being. And that relationship dictates the Eternal Destiny of that living being.

Announcing A Special Series which has revolutionised many lives and ministries since 2007

. . .

The Lamb And . . .”  


Read an exciting novel on your device or NOW as a paperback book ! ‘Beyond The Trumpet Sound’ starts with the day of the Rapture. Telling the Events with fictional characters but based on Scripture
it continues right up to the Coming to Earth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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By The Blood of Christ is a series of ten Visions focusing on the enormity of the Power of the shed Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The heart-stirring, life-changing revelations are backed up with copious passages of Scriptures, intended to open up fresh understanding of what it really means to live a life free from sin.

The Book of Leviticus explained to a Bible Class of young adults at the former Pentecostal Free Church of Acton. The message of Christ’s Call to His redeemed people remains the same for any age - His Giving up of Himself upon the Cross of Calvary means if you claim Him as your Offering for your sin, your cleansed life must be holy as God expects it to be.  


The Blood of Sprinkling is a series of fifteen deep spiritual insights into Hebrews 12:24 based on what we have come to through the shed Blood of Jesus Christ. It is thus a very practical help for a member of the True Church of God to live a victorious and crucified life unto the Coming of the Saviour!

Understanding Hebrews concentrates on the Lord Jesus Christ, in 40 short studies, as the Son of God and our High Priest on God’s right hand. Given to the church’s adult mid-week Bible Study over eighteen months, the full revelation of the Work of the Cross is wonderfully heart-stirring. The powerful Call of God to us through Christ is made crystal clear.  

The Church of God - Jesus Christ expounds on what is that Special Creation of God, the Church, in ten Studies spread over two weeks. The first week meditates on ‘How God Brought the Church Into Being’, the second on ‘How The Church Responds To The Cost God Bore’.

The Church of God In This Age - Its Power & Its Position covers in two weeks God’s Plan and Purpose to form a unique body of people called out from the world to be The Church. Absorb the content of these ten meditations and learn what it means to live for the Lord Jesus Christ in a manner acceptable to God.


The Church




This Age

Bâsar Blessings Bible School covers Six Essential Elements of building on the Foundation of The Church of God, which is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. It may be printed off and used for any group, fellowship or individual believer who desires to learn and spread the True Life of God in the Risen Crucified Christ.

Introducing The Book of Revelation comprises Seven Chapters focusing on the Lord Jesus Christ as The Lamb.

It covers His Names, Titles and Descriptions and the Chronological Order of His executing of God’s Judgments

in the Day of the LORD.

Using an unusual format with Scripture References on

pages separate from the text, it also includes the 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation in the King James Version, colour-coded to identify the different characters described.



Let’s Get It Right! looks at Twelve Scriptural Verses, Phrases or Concerns often misunderstood or misquoted.

In a Question and Answer format with Scriptural Evidence it promotes truth and understanding in the preaching, teaching, and living out the Word of God.


The Lord Jesus Christ is revealed in six studies as The Son of God, The Son of Man, The Word of God, and The Son of God as The Judge through the Scriptures, including the Psalms. Given to a Spanish/English fellowship, this version is in English only.

F R E E  D O W N L O A D S



The Book





Read The Bible In One Year

- and read of Calvary each morning and evening -

Download and print off the Bâsar Blessings Plan for reading the whole Bible - the King James Version - in a year.

The page also includes morning and evening readings as recorded in the last few chapters of each of the Four Gospels.

Let your diligence in seeking God by reading through the Written Word which the Lord Jesus Christ shed His Blood for you to live by produce much power and fruit in your life.

Read The Bible In One Year


Contact details for speaking engagements, personal or group Bible Study, or comments and questions on the Revelations contained in the books :


               Thelma Parker, Director, Bâsar Blessings




Bâsar Blessings Bible



Prepare To Meet Thy God focuses on the inescapable Fact that every one will meet the Lord Jesus Christ at some time, whether as Saviour or Judge. The Uniqueness of this series is that its Message comes from the Book of Psalms. These are the first three of 10 studies.